What part of a woman’s body is most appealing to you?

We are sure you would agree that female body is the most loveliest things that has ever been created by God. The female body is elegant and sophisticated, beautiful and soft. You want to look at it, touch it, caress it…But have you ever given it a thought what makes it so desirable and attractive to a man? You might say there is no definite answer, and you will be right..You might find large breasts highly appealing to you, while your friend might be attracted by long legs or slim waist. But there is no doubt that regardless of the woman’s overall body size and weight, a slim waistline between curvy hips and prominent breasts makes a woman very appealing to any man. Studies have been done to calculate the most appealing waist to hip ratio and you will be surprised but as it has turned out that the ratio has not changed much throughout the centuries. The studies have shown that men prefer women with a waist to hip ratio between 0.68-0.72. Women with the ratio within this limits are perceived as being more attractive, feminine and reproductively capable. Most Russian and Ukrainian women have the ratio of 0.7 which is probably one of the many reasons why they are so popular and desirable all over the world! Just look at the photos below….


Yulia’s hour glass shape is perfect makes her look is passionate, romantic.


Female buttocks are extremely potent sexual symbol of feminine beauty, just look at Alina.


Firm but well rounded and shapely hips are powerful sign of Anastasia’s health, youthfulness and ability to procreate.


Exceptionally shapely breasts and buttocks are a true gift of nature to Ekaterina.


You have to get very close to see the details of a woman’s face, but you can see the shape of her body from 500 feet, and it says more about mate value- Daria be a perfect mate with her perfect shape.

Between waist and breasts there is also a very appealing part of the female body that is unfortunately often overlooked and underestimated by men. But we recommend to look closely at the pictures below and you will not help noticing how attractive, sexy and sensual woman’s back can be…


Anastasia’s back is no less sexy and appealing than her face.


Elegant curves of Ekaterina are just as tempting as her eyes.


Vladislava’s silky skin and soft curve of her back make her look so innocent and romantic.


Long hair and long back add charm to Nina’s appearance.


Ekaterina always looks hot and passionate with her long back and sexy breasts.


Natalya has the most sexiest back, slim waist and curvy hips that makes her look so erotic and exotic.


Antonina – with little water drops on her sexy back she is even more desirable.


Everything is perfect in Natalya’s look – bright eyes, welcoming smile and that sexy curve of her back.


Yana’s hour glass shaped figure is one of the many things that is so appealing about her.

And what part of a woman’s body is most appealing to you? We are waiting for your comments…..

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