What is supposed to wear in Russia in winter season? The last tendencies of winter fashion


This season is peculiar for its severity and sudden drops of temperatures.

You may wonder what our Russian and Ukrainian girls usually wear on such nasty days! We’ll subject this question to the glare of truth!

Reading the article you’ll find out what is necessary to have in the armory for each self-respecting Russian lady and how to avoid frostbiting your ears in severe Russian winters. This information will be helpful for you in case you are planning to visit Russia or Ukraine this winter!

Outdoor clothing

The most fashionable materials of the outdoor clothes are leather and fur in Slavic countries. A coat with a fur collar isn’t less popular, than a fashionable fur coat. Russian women are fond of wearing leather biker jackets, clothes made of leather, fur waistcoats or clothes with fur inserts. An oval-shaped coat in the form of a cape is the last tendency but it can be met not so often in the streets yet.

Among the coats the most fashionable colors include beige, models –double-breasted, with a belt, wide shoulders, The leather coat with fur frills is suitable for special cases, but our beauties carry it even to work and make it casual.




Fur and leather

When winter approaches the following question becomes actual in fashion issues: to wear or not to wear natural fur and leather. Natalia Guzenko, editor-in-chief of the edition of «Harper’s Bazaar» in Ukraine is sure that there is some almost mystical alliance between fur and women, as well as between women and jewels.

The fur is magnificent. The fur is sexual. And artificial will never be able to warm be so gentle to skin as natural fur. This concerns also natural leather which is also much warmer and in which our skin is breathing.

Russia and fur — are inseparable phenomenas. When it’s minus 30 outdoor, principles of animal protection don’t work anymore. And leather is leather. It’s always fashionable, especially for Russian. In case Russian and Ukrainian women didn’t like leather, Turkish industry would collapse. :)

Leather clothes and accessories usually include: jackets, coats, bags, gloves and footwear.



The dress is actual in any season. How Russian ladies wear winter dresses

It has always been surprising for foreigners that Russian girls often put on skirts in winters.

The lady who always strive to retain feminine look, hangs up on hangers in her wardrobe dresses! The reason is that no other clothes are capable to create a more exciting look!

The majority of women like showing their feet in our country, putting on mini-skirts and short dresses. Short dresses are put on to the office, theatre, to the plane and even during the last months of pregnancy!

It’s incredible and often meets inapprehension in many countries.

Russian girls wear mini-skirts with boots, ballet slippers, shoe boots and thick leggings and do it in a very beautiful manner.

The short dress of winter 2010 is currently present at the wardrobe of any second young lady and it is considered that only people who are ignorant in questions of fashion believe that adult women are not allowed to wear mini.

The winter period is not an exclusion. Russian ladies prefer warm and cosy knitted dresses with the length reaching their knees. They combine such dresses with jeans or leggings with some nice accessories such as a wide beautiful belt. And it gives an extremely stylish and flamboyant look!

Don’t you agree?


Winter footwear suitable for Russian winters!

Have you ever heard of the popular footwear brand named UGG? This Australian brand name knows each self-respecting Russian lady! They are extremely popular the second season in Russia.

UGGs are famous for its unique cut and fabrication and has become a common noun very quickly. The only disadvantages of this fantastic boots are the following:

-They can get wet under the rain very easily;

-They have not heels and their look isn’t so elegant.

Square-toes boots made of sheep-leather, invented by the Australian sailboards, became so dear to the taste of fashion-mongers, and they don’t get out of them the second or third season!

If you want to give your sweetheart an unforgettable and original gift you can buy original UGGs for her!

They are represented in a great variety of colors and with hundreds of prints! But stay on the alert: there are lots of fakes in the market now it is a lot of fakes! The distinctive feature of the original UGG boots is the logo of the manufacturer («UGG»), placed behind on a heel, right over the sole.

Only Russian women are brave enough to wear autumn high shoes just because they look more attractively than winter models!:)

135382fashionable high boots

Comfortable winter shoes

What winter caps choose our Russian ladies

”This winter Slavic women prefer buying fur caps made of fur of a polar fox, mink and silver fox, with some decorative elements such as brushes and colourful inserts, pom poms. Fur berets and caps with ear-flaps are the most popular models nowadays. The prices value from 400 to 1200 uah. It’s highly recommended to use small sacks of the dried lavender for better storing of the fur caps — so that moth couldn’t spoil them.

Along with the fur products you can see ladies in knitted of different wool, especially Angora wool, caps and berets. The fur is combined with manual woollen weaving.

The best cap is a hood. They can be combined with the classical coats and with sports outdoor clothes.

cap fashion 2010Winter fashion 2009-2010

Accessories for our soft necks

The winter 2009-2010 is extremely severe in Russia. Take care of your necks!

Our neck is the area of special attention during the autumn and winter periods. We face such questions as:

-with what we should cover our precious neck during such a cold outside,

-how to make it look fashionably. Let’s see what Russian designers advise.

Fashionable knitted scarfs. Scarfs of this season are very long and wide, they will successfully replace a cap or a hat, you should simply cover with them your head and tie around the neck (but they should be tied not too strongly). By the way, you can wear several scarves at the same time! Girls in Russia like bright, striped, generally knitted scarves. This season we can see girls with rather massive exemplars on their gentile necks.

scarves 2010

Other useful winter accessories for our ladies’ feet and hands

fur earsOriginal gloves with fur
pretty fur earphonesrussian socks

Besides, you can order beautiful and soft colourful socks to present your special lady by following this link!

Actual colours of the last season in Russia.

Speaking about colours it is better to choose deep, dark and laconic ones. All shades of grey, brown, red, violet and crimson colour. Very fashionable this winter is also shimmering ink.

Let it also be some cloth with a flower print in your wardrobe, but the print shouldn’t be large. And it is rather an exception, the main principle of the season is severity and elegance of a cut, calm, juicy-dark and local colours.

Stockings will competently finish your portrayal, they can be of different colours and shades, the indispensable condition is their high density.

Coloured things are also rather popular, especially such as yellow, violet, “electric” shade. Bright dark blue is still actual. Pallettes tend to be of bronze shade. Gold pales beside bronze. Black is prevailing only before spring starts.

What winter accessories wear men in Russia?

Men often state that caps are not necessary for them at all and that it’s a man’s nightmare, they seldom look well on anyone and never happen to be beautiful. In general, cap is a man’s cross:)

But it can be really cold in Russia in autumn and winter, and we don’t need to freeze our ears, right? The most important rule says: «Caps should be necessarily combined with other things well, in that case the person will look in them pertinently and reasonably».

Fur caps, for instance, caps with ear-flaps made of good “shaggy” fur or sheep-leather— these can be put on with expensive coats. It is possible to invent a nice replacement for the caps. For example, it can be the hood of a jacket which is let out from under outer clothing. It is a perfect alternative!

The only warning: they must belong not to the simple sports jackets made of fleece, but be some more interesting knitted design model.

Still there are other variants as well: for men who drive cars it’s good to wear the big interesting scarf in with which they can cover the head in the street and quickly remove if necessary.

It is quite a pity that men gave up to wear hats. Graceful hat with a classical suit or coat always pays attention to the owner, and if the hat fits it looks extremely attractively!

What kind of hats do you usually prefer to wear? Please leave your choice in the commentary field below!

Below you may find some exquisite models of winter clothing which may help you to seduce your Russian lady even in cold winter times!

men's winter fashion

Keep warm and safe and look attractive at the same time during your winter visits to Russia or Ukraine!

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