Romantic Christmas gift for your Russian or Ukrainian girlfriend

Choosing the right Christmas gift for your Russian or Ukrainian girlfriend may not be as easy as for other family members, so while selecting a Christmas gift for your sweet heart you have to keep in mind her interests and likings. Here we offer you a selection of affordable romantic Christmas gifts that we are sure Russian or Ukrainian girls love!


Tiger key ring

This sweet accessory is a perfect gift for your beloved; it is not only sweet but it is sensual and romantic because it will remind her of you all the time.

Warm socks

These colored warm socks will not only keep you or your beloved warm in winter but also will cheer her up during this holiday season!


This cute and sweet toy can make anyone smile and your loved one too! She will take it to bed with her every night and think about the person that has given it to her – of YOU!!

Bath Set

This is a great gift for a woman who has it all. Looking for the perfect gift? Our bath gift set is fabulously presented and makes a wonderful gift for your girlfriend. Give her the gift of pampering and relaxation and she will be the happiest women in the world


These cozy slippers will keep those feet of hers that you love so much warm and your sweetheart happy!


Silk pajamas

Nothing can compare to fine silk and our gorgeous pajamas feel irresistible next to the skin. These wonderful elegant pajamas will drape her perfect sexy body beautifully and wrap her in all the luxury you know she deserves.

Throws and blanket

Imagine snuggling under this remarkably warm and soft blanket alone or with your beloved. This blanket and throw will make a perfect Christmas gift for her, the one she will really appreciate all year round because when it is not in use, it will make a stunning addition to her home décor and it will always remind her of you.

Leather gloves

Made from leather and famous for their unique softness and strength, these classic leather gloves make a perfect present for an elegant and sophisticated lady. They will not only keep her hands warm but also add luxury and glamour to her looks.


This adorable set not only will help your lady to stay warm this winter but also this combination of matching winter accessories is sure to have her looking cute! And who wouldn’t want to look cute and be warm in the winter? This timeless Winter Set makes a GREAT GIFT!

Blow dryer and set of hair brushes

This is a very practical gift that will be highly appreciated by any girl. Whether she is blond or brunette, has long hair or short, it will help her to look great and amazing at no time!

Picture frame

This picture frame will make a unique and very personal gift! She can place your picture in it or the picture of you together, put it at her night stand and you will definitely be the first person she sees when waking up in the morning and the last one she sees before falling asleep. This picture frame is a very romantic gift that will bring you closer together.



Presenting this truly unique and eye catching pendant to your beloved will make her feel special and it is a great way to express your feeling to her, to surprise her with your style and impress her with your generosity. She will definitely wear it close to her heart, so a piece of you will always be with her wherever she goes.

A pair of earrings

Earrings are one of the most essential fashion accessories for women. Every female loves to enhance her looks with stylish and versatile earrings. These unique earrings will look perfect with every outfit, so buy your sweet heart this pair of earrings and watch her smile with joy!



No ideas of a Christmas gift for your sweet heart? If you want it to be practical but yet romantic than probably lingerie will make the best gift for your beloved girl! Sexy and comfortable, or sensual and lacy it will do the best job in winning her heart and expressing your passion, love and admiration. Nothing can be more amazing and romantic for a girl than elegant lingerie that compliments her perfect hot body!

Evening gown

Every woman dreams to look feminine, elegant and sexy especially during this holiday season. You can gift your loved one an elegant and beautiful evening gown; this would surely make her happy and make you proud of what a gorgeous woman you have got!

Digital camera

If your girlfriend loves gadgets then this digital camera will make a perfect gift for her as well as for you because you will be able to receive beautiful pictures of her more often and all the romantic moments of your meetings will be recorded and will become a great start of your common family history that many years later you can show to your children.

If your Russian or Ukrainian girlfriend has children, be sure to prepare a gift for them as well. These gifts perhaps with a Christmas card or some sweets would make any child happy.



This beautiful doll will make an amazing gift for any little girl. Most little girls genuinely enjoy playing mom to something smaller than themselves that they can love and nurture. Buying this as a gift for your girlfriend’s daughter will be a good way to bond with her, to impress her and to become her best friend forever.

Train set

It really makes sense to consider this train set for a Christmas gift for somebody special – young or old. Playing with a model train requires physical and mental activity on the part of the child, something not many modern toys can offer. So because it stimulates the brain and requires the exercise of fine motor skills it makes a great gift for today’s children!

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