Lady’s mouth and lips

Lips is one of the most attractive parts of a lady’s face. They can be so different and indicate different peculiarities of the person’s nature. Let’s study these indicators and their meanings.

Beautiful mouth for women is small, for a man – proportional. A lady with a big mouth is considered to look manly and that feature seldom meets admiration among men. Persons with a small mouth are worried about the struggle for survival and often possess weak character.

A slim line of closed lips tells about the scrupulosity of character. A lady with a large mouth and falling lips corners has a strong will-power, and you it’s quite hard to influence her in some situations.

The mouth that’s constantly trembling being on wires is an indication of suspiciousness. Not a large size of an arch-shaped mouth (having the corners of the mouth turn down) belong to a sensitive and delicate nature. Thick, outstanding, plumpy lips symbolize success.

Symmetrical mouth opening with any slants indicates balanced state of emotions. If face wrinkles cross the face down from eyes to the lips corners it’s a sign of the previous hardships that occurred during the person’s life journey. If the wrinkles go from the wings of nose to the lips, it tells about the cunning nature.

The upper lip is more outstanding that lower- it means shillyshally character, and if the lower lip is more outstanding than the upper line- egoism. A lady who has one of her lips corners look down is considered to be stubborn. The wrinkles above the lips mean getting older.

The large sucker on the upper lip is a sign of the everlasting childhood. The deep wrinkles on the lips themselves symbolise prosperous youth and hardships during the middle age.

Deformed, unsound teeth and tongue are the major features of bad health.


Slim lips — scrupulosity of the owner


Full outstanding lips determine the life success.


Horizontally stretched lips characterize well-balanced nature.

The upper lip goes a bit more forward, than the lower lip – uncertainty, and vice verse – egoism.

Small lips mean that the person is forethoughtful, smart and prudent.



Large lips especially when the lower lip seems saggy – cheerful nature.


So as we can see, the lips can tell us a lot about the character of young ladies. Use this information to be able to read “by lips”.

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