Great fur for sexy russian ladies

“Why do I wear real fur?

Because it is voluptuous, sumptuous, very beautiful, very warm and very soft”.

-Catherine Deneuve


In ancient times fur was used out of pure necessity. Fur coats kept early man from dying of cold but later fur became associated with status. The use of fur lined clothing has been especially prevalent among royalty. Were you aware that Ermine, the white winter coat of the stoat is only used for British royalty? This exclusivity of fur also contributed to its value. But with time fur became much less of a necessity in the West, and more of a luxury item. Being less popular in Western countries it is still very popular on the post USSR territories – here in remains a necessity due to cold winters but also here fur is a symbol of luxury and prestige, social status and prosperity.



2!!!!!_1Winter fur coats are common to see in Ukraine but being rather pricey many women buy fur accessories such as hats, scarfs, stoles, vests, etc. They can add a touch of glamor to any outfit. It is a fact that women that prefer wearing fur tend to be feminine, elegant and with a perfect sense of style. Just as fur is warm and soft, so are the women wearing it. You do not believe this, do you? Then check the photos below…

102864_ValentinaFur never goes out of style, like our Valentina who is always stylish and sophisticated.

102895_Olga in this white stole looks like a true angel that she really is!!!


Yulia in this white fur coat represents elegance with a touch of innocence.

profile1_102472Olga is gorgeous and luxurious just like this black fur coat


Fur is soft to touch, like Olga’s skin

Анна Савина_Херсон

For beautiful Anna even a touch of real fur is enough to make her look glamorous and stunning.


Fur accentuates Julia’s beauty and class.


White Bikini and a fur hat – wild and sexy combination just like Aliona.


Fur is warm and soft and so is Irina.

Whether you like fur or not, the one thing we are sure you can not deny after having seen this photos is that women that wear it are stunning, elegant, sophisticated and desirable! You can be proud to be seen with such a lady. And considering cold Ukrainian winters fur is what keeps our ladies warm here while you are so far away.

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